Cuban street party

It does not get more Cuban than this. Dancing and partying in the street is a big tradition in Cuba, but few tourists get to experience it. We take you to meet our friends and family in  a neighbourhood known for their strong Afrocuban roots.. We pick you up where you are staying. When we arrive at the party, chairs have ben put out along the pavement. The music is already playing full volume. A rickety table with drinks is set to one side. You will also be offered some simple food, but  remember that this is not tourist territory, so it will be Cuban style snacks. The big attraction here is the people and their energy. The dancing takes place in the street. Dogs, hens and cars pass. All age groups will be present, from children to our 84-year old uncle. Age in no way limits neither the ability or the desire to dance in Cuba.  This is the real Cuba, in a way few tourist get to experience it.




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