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Casas de Nini 

One of the most important decisions you make when planning your Cuba trip is where to stay. All the casas are vetted by me – Nini – personally. I have travelled Cuba looking for not only good casas, but more importantly good hosts. Cuba is so different, – many things work so differently – so the hosts are your make or break to have an authentic Cuba experience. 

The casas range from very comfortable to simple stanadard.  But always remember you are in Cuba. If something is not quite what you are used to it is important to be aware tht here many things are impossible to buy or replace. If you do not see anything that suits your needs take contact with me and I have more options than those listed here. Are you more than 6 people?  Have a look at the bottom of the page to see what I can offer. 

Havana - Casa Nini - 1-2 people

Havana - Casa Nini for private use - up to 6 people

Cienfuegos- Casa Piscina for 1-3 people

TRINIDAD - Casa Groning - 1-2 people



Havana Nini's little sister 1-2 people

Havana Nini's little sister - room 2 for 1-2 people

VIÑALES - Bunglows 1-2 people

VIÑALES - Bunglows - 3-4 people

TRINIDAD - El Gran Azul - 1-2 people



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