Jesus Maria 20

A new , funky hangout in San Isidro , one of my favorite neighborhoods of Havana. Do come before everybody finds out!

The place is a cross between bar, paladar and art gallery and with the amazing roof terrace , cool atmosphere and fresh cocktails, Jesus Maria 20  is going to be a hit.  It almost makes me nostalgic for the first year when O’Reilly  was operating, before the place got to be on everybody’s lips. I love getting there before the crowds. So I share this place with you with some hesitation.

Food is good too. Not fantastic, but tasty enough. And you can always just come for the art, the atmosphere and the cocktails. 


Jesus Maria 20 Bar y Art

Jesus Maria 20, e/San Ignacio y Inquisador, Havana Vieja

Phone +53 78667462

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