El Nicho waterfalls – from Trinidad or Cienfuegos

Visit the biggest waterfalls in Cuba. Even in times of little rain El Nicho is impressive,  as opposed to for example Soroa that will almost dry up. 

The surrounding nature is lovely too with paths to walk, luch and varied vegetation and birdlife.  If time permits your driver can take you to a detour to Lake Guanaroca to see the flamingos. 

Tip: If you start off in Cienfuegos you can end up in Trinidad or vice versa. This way you can take the outing as part of your transfer between the two towns and will save on the transport. 

This is a private trip with your own driver/car. You can be 1-4 people (or 5 if it is a classic American). The price is the same independent of the number of people going on the trip. 

Prices: (updated 8. March 2020): 

Cienfuegos – el NIcho – Cienfuegos 100 CUC

Cienfuegos – El Nicho – Trinidad 120 CUC

Trinidad – El Nicho – Cienfuegos 120 CUC

Trinidad – Cienfuegos (1 hour to see the town) – El NIcho – Trinidad 160 CUC


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