Street Art Walking Tour

I will take you walking through a vibrant neighbourhood, tucked away at the outskirts of Old Havana. Although close to the touristy parts, this area is defintely off the beaten track.   The neighborhood is a creative melting pot due to the large number of musicians and artist living here. Within just a few blocks there is a high concentration of Street Art of high quality. We will spend time exploring at your leasure and there will be really good photo opportunities. 

Walking through the neighborhood you will also have a chance to observe an authentic neighborhood  almost free of tourism. There will not be mojitos on every corner, there will not be people wanting to sell you cigar and no tourist music. What you will observe is people going about their day to day lives. School children, vegetable markets, car repairs and  the local barber shops all go into the mix. 

We finish the tour with lunch at a a great paladar – one of my favorite hangouts in all of Havana.


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