El Chanchullero

I have been coming there since 2014 and keep coming back.  El Chanchullero is a cool little place with just a handful of tables,. Expect queues along the pavement at night. But the good news is that in  Havana queueing can be fun and social if you are thrown together with cool people, so do not worry too much.

At lunch or early eveing you can usually snap up a table much quicker. I love the informal simple concept with just a few , but tasty dishes based on chicken, shrimps or pork and with plenty of fresh salad. The drinks are good, the beer cold and the pineapple juice luscious.

While not as cheap as it was when they first opened (well, nothing is in Old Havana) still the Chanchullero is a budget friendly alternative. With simple seating and rickety tables the place is not made for those who want to sit and relax for a long time, but a great alternative for a quick meal. 

The recently added roof terrace, gives not only much needed extra seating, but also a gret place to hang out. 


El Chanchullero

Plaza El Cristo
Habana Vieja
Phone +53 78610915

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